I asked mozci to trigger a test job for me, however, a build got triggered

Test jobs require a build to be tested, hence, needing to trigger a build for it.

In some cases you might see that a build exists for that push and still trigger a build. This is because we have checked for its uploaded files and have been expired. In this case we need to trigger the build job again.

How does mozci deal with running/pending jobs?

mozci expects that running/pending _build_ jobs will trigger the tests we want.

If we want more than one job and we observe one running/pending job, we will trigger as many jobs as needed to meet the request.

How does mozci deal with failed jobs?

mozci is not currently designed to trigger jobs until they succeed. The user must say what it wants to trigger and we will only do a one pass to trigger everything requested. This is purposeful for simplicity and to prevent triggering jobs endlessly.

In the near future, we will add a monitoring module which could be used to keep track of triggered jobs and determine actions upon completion.

Can we schedule a PGO job on any tree?

Yes and no. We can’t trigger anything that the Release Engineering’s Buildbot CI can trigger. If a tree does not have a builder that generates a PGO build then we can’t.

Notice that some trees can trigger both non-PGO jobs and PGO jobs, hence, that tree has two different buildernames (one including “pgo” in its name). Other trees can only trigger PGO jobs and might not include “pgo” in its name (think of mozilla-aurora).

What products do you support?

All Firefox desktop and Firefox for Android. For Firefox OS we have partial support since some of the jobs run on the TaskCluster CI (which is not yet supported).

Can I trigger a nightly build?

Absolutely! You can trigger any nightly build for any repository. Simply find the name of the job that represents it and trigger it.

NOTE: Make sure you have consent from sheriffs to do this and a good reason. Nightly builds are not to be triggered lightly.

If I ask for different test jobs on the same changesets will I get as many builds jobs?

There is a possible 30 seconds delay between making a request to buildapi and it appearing as “pending/running”. If you hit this issue please let us know and we can discuss it on how to better address it. There are various options we can consider.

Can anybody use mozci?

As long as you have LDAP credentials you should be able to use it.

What systems does mozci rely on?

If you look at mozci.sources you will see all CI components we depend on. If the structure of any of these changes, we might need to adjust mozci for it.

What happens if a new platform or suites are added to the CI?

Nothing to worry about! mozci determines platforms dynamically rather than statically.

I see that you store my credentials in plain text on my machine

If you want a different approach please let us know.

Can I run mozci in my web service?

Yes! However, we will need to figure out how to provide credentials. More to come.

Is mozci limited by the try chooser syntax?

No. We hit an API that is not affected by the try parser. We can trigger anything that can be triggered without any limitations. You can add more jobs on a try push than indicated in the try syntax of that push.

Can you trigger jobs on pushes with DONTBUILD?

No, we can not. This is a bug in buildapi. The pushes doesn’t even exist for buildapi. You can notice this if you load self-serve/buildapi for a DONTBUILD push.

How do you deal with coalesced and not scheduled jobs?

Coalesced jobs are requests that have been fulfilled by more recent pushes. We coalesce jobs to be able to catch up under high load.

We sometimes not schedule jobs for various reasons including:

  • The user has marked the job not to be built with DONTBUILD in the commit message
  • The files changed on that push do not affect certain products/platforms
  • We have determined that we don’t need to trigger that job on every push

self-serve/buildapi does not keep track of jobs that have been coalesced or not scheduled.

mozci determines how many jobs to trigger a job depending on how many successful, running jobs and potential jobs trigger by a build. Coalesced and not scheduled jobs are not considered.

What are the concerns of trigger a large number of jobs in a short period of time?

Self-serve/buildapi is known to be unresponsive if too much is demanded of it. The operations of treeherder will continue as usual since the Buildbot master query the buildbot databases directly rather than through self-serve/buildapi. Re-triggering of jobs would be temporarily unavailable until self-serve auto-recovers. At worse, nagios checks will be triggered and buildduty will have to investigate.

Treeherder could also be affected if buildapi/self-serve did not go down and actually managed to trigger a lot of jobs. It is known that treeherder gets into trouble if several thousands of jobs get triggered in a short period of time.

Proper usage of mozci should not cause any issues, however, intentional misuse could cause the issues mentioned above.

What performance constraints does mozci have?

We are currently mainly restrained by two factors: sequential approach to triggering and responsiveness of the data sources.

We currently go through each push in a sequential order. In order to speed this up we could parallelize the work done on each push.

The data sources we use can be slow at times depending on the load on them. If this becomes troublesome we should investigate how to optimize them.

How can I generate allthethings.json?

Follow the instructions in here.

How do you release software?

We use zest.releaser. You simply install it:

pip install zest.releaser

`fullrelease` is used to bump the versions, tag and upload the new package to pypi.

The releases are documented in here.

How do I generate the docs?

To generate the docs, follow these steps:

  • Move inside docs/ directory

  • Run:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    make html
  • To view the docs on a webserver and auto-rebuild the documentation when any files are changed:

    make livehtml

How can I contribute?

If you would like to contribute to this project, feel free to pick up one of the issues ready to be contributed to (Issues).

In order to contribute the code:

  • Fork the project
  • Create a new branch
  • Fix the issue - add the feature
  • Run tox successfully
  • Commit your code
  • Request a pull request